Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Literal Bucket List

Saw this and died. A literal bucket list... So good. Thinking about doing it this way - whenever we're bored or unsure of what to do, we'll just pick out of the bucket!

I do not own this picture. Picture copyrighted by Delia Randall:

The Start of Something Spectacular

My preparation for the real world is almost complete. It's April... and I'm a senior in high school. Everything seems to revolve around that fact. I have a serious case of senior-itis, my class is in the process of planning a senior lip dub, senior prank, senior assassins game, senior week, and senior prom, and my graduation is fast approaching. I could not be a messier mix of happiness, nervousness, and sadness. I'm the girl that has dreamed about escaping from this suburban bubble all my life, but now that it's almost time to leave it's finally hit me that, well, I might actually miss this place. In the fall I'm packing up and shipping down to D.C. to be a Global Scholar at American University to study international development. August 17th is the day I've been waiting for for years now, the day I will finally be free and independent- the day life truly begins! ...The day I leave everything behind... The day I leave for college.

This summer is my celebration. And it's my official goodbye.

Ever since last summer, for every season I've made a "bucket list", a to-do list of sorts to guarantee that every possible moment is filled with excitement. It's filled with various items specific to the time of year- things I love doing, things I've always wanted to do, things I feel I should do. They are reasonable enough so that they are all possible, but not so reasonable that it takes no effort to complete. It's meant as a challenge. This summer it's to see how much I can squeeze in a single month. With graduation on June 2nd and a five week trip to Israel and Central Europe starting on July 4th, I need to see just how much adventure, drunkenness, thrill, stupidity, and simple pleasure I can fit into 31 days. This is my last summer with these friends and, although cut short, I want it to be the best 31 days of our lives. I want to live carefree and fast, I want these days to count.

So this is the start of my "ultimate senior summer bucket list". This is the start of trespassing frequently and partying often. The start of being constantly barefoot and nocturnal. The start of driving with the windows down and the music blaring. The start of something spectacular.

Comment with any bucket list suggestions, it'll be going up soon!